Interview Hopusers



Basically you just tag people and ask to interview them! This is not like AMA bc you aren't specifically asking ME anything. This is also not like the Talk to a Hopscotcher bc you aren't specifically asking people for help and stuff like this. If you think otherwise, lemme know. Questions you can ask:

What's your latest project?

Do you have any drafts you are working on, if so can you describe it?

How is your experience on the hopscotch forum/hopscotch?

Does the hopscotch influence you? If so, in which ways?

If you could describe hopscotch in one sentence, what would you say?

But you can ask other questions too!! You shouldn't ask anything that you wouldn't want to answer if someone asked you. That's it. Have fun!!


I need someone to interview that does rps.


Okay, well I don't do rps so maybe you should wait untill more people comment!!


@Maltese I want to interview you :D

Okie Malty, let's start.

1. Fab, fab-fab?
2. Fabety-fab fab fab fab?
3. Fab.


@Waffle_Draws can I interview you?


@smishsmash, can I interview you?


Sending out @Maltese's SUPERCUTE waving dog




Great idea :slight_smile:


yus that would be awesome :OO


Ok :D

  1. faB FAB

  2. fab?? fabbbB

  3. fAbUlOuS


Hey @Maltese can i interview you?

  1. What do you do in ur spare time?
  2. Wats ur hobby?
  3. What r u working on in hopscotch?
  4. I dun know how this stuff works..
  5. Sooo. Yea


Sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. Be lazy, taKE CARE OF THE DOG. read, and study.

  2. ^^^ those are my hobbies XD

  3. A flower background and I'm kinda not procrastinating on it woot woot

  4. Idk either but it looks like you're doing it right so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I laik being lazy too lol...
More questions malty!! >:slight_smile:
6. Do u play minecraft ( i do.. In PE)
(With mai bro).
7. How many pets do you have?
8. Name them
9. Do u play Cookie run??
10. :slight_smile: dats it. Thx!!!


6 I don't but it looks fun :000

7 one Maltese puppy

8 Buddy

9 Nope :0

10 ya no prob


K! Thaaaaaaaaaaaanksssss maltyyyyyy!


No prob :+1:


Can i see a pic of your dog?????? c:



im crying ;o;