Interview for anyone


What was your original account?

Have you done a collab before?

When did you start?

What is a memory from being on hopscotch?

What age do you think you will stop coding?

Do you think hopscotch should make a social media for kids?

What grade/year are you in for 2016?

Anyone can answer this!


My original account was FluffyUnicorn101, but I have changed multiple times,my most recent and current one being OrangeScent on hopscotch

I'm doing 4 collabs right now!

I joined in 2013 in a older account I can't even...

I know an embarrassing memory is when I remember remixing like lotteries when I was in 2013, those were dark days.....

Age I will stop coding will probably be 17 or 18

Social Media+Hopscotch= Coded selfies. END OF THE WORLD

In 6th grade


Diamondkid, yes I am in one now this on was in July but I had to creat a new one, all of the hope and support this community gives to each other, the day I die, No No No very bad idea for Hopstoch, I am in the 6 grade and will go in to the 7 grade and my birthday is in February.


WOW! OMG! I can't believe you replied I was just going to make it for you! OMG! I am so excited right now


OMG! Thank you sooo much for replying :slightly_smiling:


Your wish is granted :wink::sweat_smile:


No problem I am very bored at the moment.


Here's my answers

I was Curry Koala

Yes. I did it with tropicala and I am working on some now with a lot of people :smile:

I started in the end of May 2015

I remember calling myself (nickname) B.O to only find out what it meant at a lesson about growing up (not going to say the real word for the younger kids)

I will probably stop when I am 14 or 15

Yes! For when we outgrow coding :smile:

I am going into Year 7 and this year was my last year of primary school.


My original account is Phase AdminĀ®!!!!!!!!

I am in like I DON'T KNOW many collabs, but a lot!

I started last March.

I remember when Phase StudiosĀ® was a HUGE thing, I started the company/collab relvolution that are always running

I will never stop coding, keep on coding on Hopscotch then learn to start to on other coding... thingys?

Hopscotch will never be considered a Social Media for kids, and it will never be!

I will be in 7th grade in the year of 2016. I am currently in 6th grade!

Some other info!
My age is 11 right now! I wish I could get into MIT, but it is REALLY hard to get into it. I love to code, coding = life!!!!!!! I :heart: HS!!!!!!!!!


What is MIT, all I know is they created scratch


A great collage Massachusetts, U.S.A in North America, in the America's! It has very good degrees for technogical stuff!

  1. CodeOperation
  2. No.
  3. June 2015
  4. Finding out that my Girls Only Emoji Wave has 1,000 plays. It has way more now.
  5. I don't know.
  6. NO
  7. 6th


Zeplora! Like my blog

I am in a few collabs

August 2014

Laser Snake getting 5500+ likes




Well I was Creative Coder (now Creative Coder OLD). Then there was Perfect Programmer (I like aliteration XD) until I was able to be Creative Coder again.

Yes, I'm in 10+ collabs now.

June 2015.

I remember doing all of THT's videos over and over to learn concepts, but now I don't to!

Hmm..not sure. I mean, I can go onto more coding languages when I'm older!

YES! I've made so many friends on Hopscotch :wink:, but make it separate from the app!

2015/2016 year: 7th, 2016/2017 year: 8th


I was giraffedolphin, I added the 26 because I was born on the 26th of July, then this school year I had to get a new account because I was stupid and deleted hopscotch thinking that if I reinstalled it the school would update it (yes, I was THAT desperate for the update. )

I did a collab with DragonLover975 for HHC15 and right now I am in the Mature Collab..

I started Hopscotch before there was even a community! (I joined in 2013..I think...)

A memory from being on Hopscotch was when I did one of the tutorials (this was when I first joined) and when I finished I was like woah. I just did that. (In case anyone's wondering, I did the Sydney Opera House tutorial I think, if anyone even remembers that..)

I will NEVER STOP CODING! I really really like to program now, and currently I am learning how to code in C.
But as for coding on Hopscotch, this is probably gonna be my last year..:cry:

I don't think they should make social media for kids... But I don't really understand what this question is asking..

I'm in 8th grade and 13 years old.


MIT is a college in Massachusetts, it stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology


What was your original account? PopTart0219

Have you done a collab before? yes

When did you start? February 2015

What is a memory from being on hopscotch? @MagmaPOP following me (thx, btw)

What age do you think you will stop coding? I have no idea...

Do you think hopscotch should make a social media for kids? no, WERE KIDS YALL!

What grade/year are you in for 2016? middle school

Anyone can answer this!


My original Hopscotch account was NoHack :two:Win and has been changed multiple times.

I don't think I have done a collab before.

I started August 2015.

A memory from hopscotch would be learning to code.

I don't think I will ever stop coding!

Isn't the forum allready pritty much a social meadia?

And I will be in grade 6 in 2016.


My original account is InnerSparkleā, and it still is, but my original name was HotCocoa224 (I do not know where the name came from, and 224 used to be my homeroom number)

I have done a collab before

I started in January 2015

A memory from hopscotch is making my homework troubles series!

I do not know when I will stop coding

I don't think hopscotch will make a social media

I am in middle school

Anyone can answer this!


October 2014
Getting 40 likes/being followed by Valgo
When I die
It will if there are no pictures and no personal info or private messaging
6th Grade :sunglasses: