Interview 1 <chickens>


@ChickenGirl may I interview you for the first ever OGSN interview?


Certainly, I have the time for now
Perhaps conduct this on the official topic to get more views?


I will repost this on the OGSN after


Ok, interview away then darling


First question, what made you think about making Gladiator fights on a coding forum?


Well, ILC and I began discussing who would win in a fight; aether or Nindroid?, and I posed it as a gladiator battle, then made the topic as a joke
It, of course, only grew from there, because as a certified Gay I never do anything in moderation


How come you didn’t stop it before it grew so popular?


That would have been counterproductive, I crave attention, and would not stop something that was growing at such a drastic rate.


Who is your favorite gladiator so far? Who will you think be the underdog?


Hmm, I try not to pick favorites, they are all excellent performers!
Certainly the first match between Nindroid and aether was the most exciting.

The true underdog of the arena is poor healey :pensive:


That’s all for now, but thank you for taking the time to answer my questions


Thank you for your time as well darling, I wish the best of luck to the OGSN!
I will most likely be heading to bed soon


So after all this not related to hopscotch at all.


?? what’s not, my pits? We have a coding challenge for round two.