Internet safety


You never want to reveal too much about yourself on the internet, without saying anything the odds of you being found are 7,000,000,000 to 1 if you say your gender then your odds are around 3,500,000,000. Lets say you live in the US now it's about 150,000,000 these are still pretty safe numbers so you can reveal these sometimes, but lets say you tell somebody you live in Wisconson, your odds drop to 3,000,000 to one when you're in the millions you are generally ok, so (with exceptions) you can reveal your state or region. This is where it gets unsafe, let's say you live in door county, your odds go to 14,000 to one, so don't reveal your county, if you say your age it lowers it extremely. So now we've learned
You can reveal your gender
Your country
Your state or region (sometimes)


I am glad I shared my gender. A lot of people call me a boy!( On Hopscotch)


Also, age is okay. And first name. So if a girl called Katie who lived in New York and was 10 shared this, it would be hard to find still.


Okay, nice topic! There's another topic about this, but this is different. Who will be the 10th liker and give you Nice Topic?