Internet Safety Tips and Information



Hello there, and thanks for stopping by. Internet Saftey is one of the most critical and important things to learn.

Let's first talk about the Internet. What is it? According to Wikipedia, "The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link billions of devices worldwide."

The Internet is a place where you can store your files, share information online, work, play games, innovate, watch videos, code, other recreational activities, visit educational sites, ask questions, hack, get hacked, troll, download pictures/videos, read PDFs, research, take notes, learn, discuss apps, and a lot more!

Remember these rules, whenever you go on the Internet.

1. Don't share private info

That means no personal emails, no pictures or your home, no selfies/group selfies with faces, no names, no addresses, no bank accounts, no IP addresses, no birthdays, no secrets, no videos of yourself, not even your friend's name! On hopscotch, it's okay to share your first name, but please please please don't share your last name! cough cough @crazygoat

2. Always check a picture before posting it

If you take a screenshot on a Mac, sometimes you can see the name in the corner. Or if you take a screenshot on the iPad, and your folder says "____'s favorite apps", well, that's not so good.
remember, @CreativeCoder! (My 2-10th post was about this)

3. Don't trust anyone you don't know

A person you've met in a game who has played with you for very, very long. He/she says: "Do you want to meet in real life?" You might think that you know that person, but DON'T TRUST THEM. Since everyone is disguised anonymous on the Internet (unless you reveal yourself 🙄), you can never know if the person is a child or an adult pretending to be a child.

Hope this helped! Be aware of your surroundings!

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Help- Telling you how to be safe on Hopscotch
FNAF 100% pen collab
It is if you want a paintball tutorial?

Even though I already knew this stuff, it'll be helpful for the people who don't!


Thank you for posting this! It's very useful and a good refresher :wink:


This is very helpful :smile:! Lol some troll said it isn't helpful


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It's still your personal information, and If you accidentally said something that might of leaked who you are (earlier, that do you didn't notice) it only strengthens the hackers, because you are just giving them more evidence.


Adding on to what @Follow4LikesOfficial

The more you give away, the more someone can find you. Here's an example, these aren't true to me.

If there is a topic and you say you have green eyes, that takes out all the humans who don't have green eyes. If you give more, like you have brown hair, then it limits people who have green eyes and brown hair. If you give your age, you can be traceable

All in all, it's not a good idea to share online


The last one.... Have you heard the story. It was the Minecraft one
Gather around children!
Once upon a time, a "kid" joined a private server of MC with 3 friends. One had to log off, so the kid wanted to join. They said ok. Over the course of 9 months the children played with the kid. One day, one child in the group wanted to talk to the """"kid"""""" alone. It went too far and an addres s was given out. The kid turned out to be a 52 year old who wanted to... Well that's something you learn about in middle school or high school... THANKFULLY the guy was thrown in jail

The Moral Of This Story Is Don't Go With People You Don't Know, IRL or Virtually


Basically, as @SQUISHY had once said:
You say that your name is Emily-There are a lot of Emily's in the world
You say that your last name is Jordan-There's a lot less Emily Jordans in the world
You post your birthday-There are even less Emily Jordans with the same birthday

See, the more you say about yourself, the easier it is for people to find you.


birthday: 1:365(.4) limits you to 19157088 people, and with age that limits you 191570, country would put you between 27367 and 0.019157 (less than 1 identifies just you), but let's say just max, put in just your first name to that and it limits you to 1.36835, a relatively exact number, but just with your first and last name that puts you at 7.

first and last name puts you as 7 people out of 7,000,000,000 people in the world. don't share your info



Was the third reason inspired from the MC story I told?


or a manchild, that is a thing they're still technically adults, but... my 19 year old brother still squeals every time somebody mentions pokemon xD



oh, yeah, and the total info that I've shared has limited me to 80,000 people, but the total info that people have shared about me (:rage:) has put me at about 300 people

also if you < letter here(tag here)

would said tagged person receive the tag?


I trust all of you guys, but there could be adults on here. Unlike minecraft, we are constantly monitored by adults that we trust like @Liza.
One night, my friends and I were playing on the computers at their house. One of them always lets me use her computer. We were on Mineplex, and some guy liked my friend's skin. Her sister was playing on the same mini game. He started flirting with me and private messaging me, which was disturbing. Then my friends sister was all like "THAT IS MY SISTER!" and that guy who was supposedly 13 years old kinda went away but kept sending my friend friend requests.
You never know who is behind the screen!


We can share our birthday for example mine is 23rd of May no one can hack me there's 100000000000's of people with the same birthday

But NOT meeting up because it could be a man pretending to be nice...


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Its surprising.
You can be anything on the internet but most people choose to be stupid. :l


Its not recommended for you to share birthdays, just because if you accidentally leaked something earlier, you are just giving more evidence.


I already knew about this stuff in like second grade (I'm in a tech school). But it still helped :+1:🏻. It will definitely help the people who have no idea about safety on le internet