International Transgender Visibility Day



Hello humans! It is I, the newbie. Today I've come to talk about something incredibly important coming up. It's called, International Transgender Visibility Day.

Basically, it's a day celebrating and aknowledging transgender people, the struggles they go through, the transgender people who have passed, and the ways we can help.

Now, before you go ranting about how this isn't Hopscotch related, I'm asking for ideas. I really want to make a project honoring this holiday, and I want to dedicate it to my Trans friend. But… I don't really know what to do. So, I'm asking you! I already know that I want it to include make the background the Transgender flag (google it if you don't know what it looks like. I also have a project on Hopscotch that shows some of the sexuality flags as flowers). But I don't know what the actual project would be. Thanks in advance!


Hey guys, this is something really important to me and I would really appreciate ideas.


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What is transgender, anyway?


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Transgender people are people who don't identify with the gender the were born with.


Oh, that, I never knew.


I personally think that if people get left out or bullie.d because they're transgender is NOT FAIR. They're people too! There's one kid who's transgender and the boys and girls didn't want him/her in either locker room so he/she is all alone in a transgender locker room


That's not actually true. First of all, please dont say "transgenders" or "a transgender". It's offensive and dehumanizing. Second of all, it's not that they don't feel right in their body. They just identify as the gender opposite the one they were assigned at birth. For example, someone who is biologically a male, but identifies as a female, is referred to as a transgender woman. They are still a woman. They just look different. (Tomboys and tomgirls are NOT transgender.) Lastly, most kids don't transition at an early age. Their parents don't let them. @tankt2016 just to clarify, read this


What do you mean by "too far"?


I know right! Can't people just accept their decisions and move on! I don't mean that sounding mean. I think they should be interested. What's it like? How's it feel? Seriously!


It's not a "decision" to be transgender. Transitioning is a decision. Not being trans.


Sorry I'm not an expert on this stuff....


Guys, I really don't want this topic closed. Please get back on topic.


Maybe it should be closed though as we are all fighting over what it means


No. You were giving wrong definitions. If you google it, you'll see. I didn't start this topic to talk about what transgender means. I needed ideas.


You could make something about identity that forces people to think about how they identify themselves, and about how much of how identity construct is informed by our families, cultures, etc. @OrangeScent1 did a really poignant quiz about gender a few months ago that you can use as inspiration:

Excited to see what you make!


I think people should do what they are happy about. They need to be their self. Please don't bring that attitude into the forum, it's discrimination.


????? No? That's not how it works?


Ok, I just made a topic, I haven't had wifi for a day, and I'm REALLY CONFUSED ABOUT WHATS GOING ON????