"Interactive RPG" Game series (Needs backstory and Title)



My question is that "Is the RPG game I'm making the first of its kind?".

If anyone has an answer then tell me below...

Anyhows, I'm making a game that is an Interactive RPG game. Something like Undertale if you have heard it before.

And it is also based on the "Choose your Own Adventure Books". But as a game...

I have a test game being made, and soon I'll let you guys see how it'll work, but for now, a Work In Progress.

Here's how it looks like now.

Not much...

If I get a positive response from this poll, I'll make a series.

After every episode is made, I'll make a poll on the choices shown in the episode. Then you guys will vote on what will happen in the next episode.

I don't have a backstory of the series yet, so I need you guys to give a story.

Make it good enough to fit 10 episodes.

oh, and give it a title!

Shall I make the RPG Series?

  • Yep-e-di-do-da

  • Nope-e-di-do-da



Those invited, what do you think?


I know I was not invited but awesome!


I know that you should deffintly do it! I could come up with the back story. A child that is lost in his dreamscape and cannot get till he can find something that can summon his way out. That could be the basis of the back story.


How would the fight system be, if there is one? I've tested and haven't found a way to replicate the system accurately (I don't try anymore) because I was also planning to make a game similar to Undertale. Also, yeah. I did the fight mechanics before making the others.


It seems I have been summoned
It sounds a bit difficult tbh, would monsters res pawn, or would we have a few and when you defeat all of them the game is over?


I'm planning to put a fighting scene or two in the series, so it won't be boring...


That's cool...



19 people voted for yes..

Okay then, as soon as I get a good Backstory and I finish the test project, I'll start on it!


Cool but its not the first rpg game on hopscotch.


Okay... Can you give me a link to that RPG game?


Here is a link to two but I also know another that was never finished.


Doesn't seem like it's finished...


Yeah they don't. I was working on one with @GysvANDRegulus or @seawolfwerehorse I don't remember excatly.


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Do you have a good back story for this? @GiraffeProductions?@GysvANDRegulus?

Anyone? Can someone write at least a good one?

@Phase_Studios got it...

How bout @Stampys_fans?

At least someone come up with something good...

Okay, here's what's supposed to be written:

  • The person must be in a dream

  • has to find an object or someone to get out of the dream

  • Give it a good title

  • Give it a indroduction, like how the person got into that dream...


Are the characters only going to be Hopscotch characters? Are there going to be humans in this RPG? Can animal characters talk? (There are only animals in your screenshot.)


Also, boop: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14-Q_1LB6KNv8GpIyia8ppjnkraqUw_dt9uxEkxO7IiE/edit?usp=docslist_api


Wait, I wrote that in 2 hours?


Four replies sequentially. I thought people said this wasn't possible? Huh. I don't know if my story fits 10 episodes, sorry.