Interactive Music Ideas



Hotel? trivago.


Milord, that wounds like an artist would say it.


I don’t know what you mean I’m really confused :neutral_face:


I have aspergers


Why do my notifications always seem to be full of you? :thinking:

There are a handful of people in my life who think music is boring. So I wanted to make music more entertaining by making I interactive animations.

You can call me whatever you want. But I don’t appreciate you calling one of my Hopscotch friends autistic, as if it were an insult. I have some brilliant and kind autistic people in my life, and I care about them as much as I do all of my other friends. So go ahead and insult me, but don’t insult anyone else.

Curious on what you are trying to accomplish. Are you bored? Trying to make a point? Wanting attention?


I’m kinda good at insults but I respect the community so I won’t post it


Can i have preview of songwriter i will come to look at in the morning. Buenas noches.


Sure, let me pull up a picture. One moment, then I’ll edit it on this comment.

@XDer21 Here we go

Still formatting everything and working on the drums


Can I has Background credit? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Of course! I’m still working on formatting everything, but it will be there when I finish.


Okey! I m happy you like the background!


What should we talk about


@XDer21 I got a subscription! I was thinking I could use screenshots of your background so that the project could load quicker and be less laggy. Would I be able to use some of your other backgrounds as well? Are there any you are especially proud of?


liquid acid water wave I got 5 likes on that I think I tried messing with sine and found the wave but I still dunno how to make sine waves. use what u want dude


How is the project going


um, how is the project going?


Thanks so much, I love music and great songs