Interactive Music Ideas



Um, you could see the code. I didn’t use math. I think I just put it in place and had a common block where they all shifted until they looked centered.


Anyone here? I’m playing GD rn


What’s your favorite classical piece atm? Mine is the Fanfare Rondeau


Mine isn’t hallelujah


It’s… Quote me


Anyone here?


Sorry, I had been looking at other projects and topics. I’m actually going to try and head to bed now so Songwriter Beta will likely come out tomorrow. That still might change since I’m figuring out the best way to pace my projects but I hope to have it complete by tomorrow evening.


Going to bed at 3am especially on a school day isn’t ideal… lol


This is a pretty awesome soundtrack from Solo:
It incorporates Han’s new theme, as well as a lot of original trilogy themes.

I’m listening to the Solo soundtrack as I finish up Songwriter Beta


Nice. I usually do listen to Infernoplex while I code new stuff




Im desperate to chat About the project Can i has preview?


This isn’t my project…


Then why are you posting in its topic, milord?


I got tagged and now I’m caught up in this topic


Then answer my question, milord.


I don’t know how one makes music interactive


Well find out, milord.