Interactive Music Ideas



I don’t know. Isn’t that even more glitchy?
How are you even doing it in the first place?


Hi @Jedi4Jesus
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@Petrichor Imperial March is finished

@DECODECO right now I have 17 Values changing with each note. The keys determine if their value is 1 or not. If it is one, the light up. If it is zero, they stay white.

If I just have one value and it changes to numbers 0-17, then the keys determine if their number is on. If it is, they light up. If it isn’t their number, they stay white. This way, the assigning of values doesn’t take up so much time in between notes.


How did you used to do it?


Explained in comment above but here is a photo too


Ah, I see. Ok then


What if you want multiple notes to play at the same time?


True…I guess that is the advantage of my current program.
But when a value is activated, the program that follows it keeps going even if the value changes. Maybe each note color would be on 500 milliseconds…but that might not work as well as it does now.


I have an idea. Wait one second. @Jedi4Jesus

For D 
 When (Game Starts)

  Repeat forever

  Check once if (📱D % 2 = 1)
   Start Sound (D)

   Wait (Self)Wait) 
I’ll add more @Jedi4Jesus just wait

For Music Player //whatever it is
 When (Game Starts) //or whatever triggers the music
  Increase (📱D) by 1
  Increase (📱D) by 1 //or repeat x2
  Set (Self)Wait) to (lengthofaquarternote)x(howmanyquarternotestowait)


Ok @Jedi4Jesus I’m finished
I’m going to test this out and tell you if it works

If it does, I’ll tell you how it works


It worked! @Jedi4Jesus The code is a little bit different, though. I can send it to you right now. Just reply.


Ok. I’ll check your profile, @DECODECO


Oops, I’ll get it to you now, @Jedi4Jesus. Sorry!


@DECODECO I got it :+1:


I’ll tell you how it works, just look at it and see if you can find any patterns for yourself :)


I think I understand how it works. When I update the code tomorrow I can test it there. I’m going to do a test with it right now really quick too.

Edit: Thank you :slight_smile:


Ok :ok_hand:
Edit: You’re welcome!


I haven’t been doing a lot of music on Hopscotch lately (or at all), so this is a nice starting project.