Interactive Music Ideas



I suggest portrait if you would like to make the falling notes the most appealing.
So do people tap the general area in the screen of where they want the note to fall, and it starts falling? Or will it work in another way.


You record it, just like yours. Blocks go up when recording and fall down when playing. There will also be scrolling so you can see how the music will sound.


Ok. So something like: When record = 1, piano notes can create clones that go upwards. When play = 1, the notes fall back down. How would you have the beats in between the notes be represented (so that when play = 1, all the notes don’t fall down at the same time)?


Something similar, and saves up space

When Record/Play = 0 -> Record
When Record/Play = 1 -> Play

You’ll have to turn off one if you want to turn on another in your version. You don’t want to leave things on at the same time you want the opposite to do so.


Set position.

When Record/Play = 0, Increase Scroll by positive
Vice versa if ^ = 1.


All objects that fall down will have

Repeat forever

Set pos to x (x pos) y (y pos + scroll)


Brb my brother wants to play my Hopscotch games :joy:


Ok. I need to do some stuff around the house. I might have to go, I have an event tonight and need to get ready soon.




I’ll look for some songs that can fit in the C3-C5 range… (Wow, there needs to be more notes…)

We could do a remake of the Inside Out song you did
The melody doesn’t go higher than a C4 on the key of D, so that’ll be perfect.

We could do just the high notes of this


Hey @Jedi4Jesus


Hey! I just saw your other comment, I’m going to look at the music really quick.


I’m having a hard time viewing the Inside Out sheet music for some reason. But if you wanted to, I think the key that Mario is in could fit all of the notes on the Hopscotch piano. But it might be better to just stick with the higher notes since it might sound better. It’s hard to tell unless you try programming a part of it.

Edit: I figure out how to see the Inside Out sheet music. You might want to try finding an “easy” piano version as it might take a few hours to code the entire thing. But it’s not impossible.


I won’t code all the parts, just the melody, harmony, and basically all the other parts that fit on the Hopscotch piano.


Ok. So do you want to code this for the MDI? You could start working on it and I can help with programming if you would like.


I first need to finish actually making the piano before it actually works. I might finish tomorrow night, maybe. Then you can help with the programming. Thanks!


Ok, no problem! I’m going to be working on the Imperial March code now.


Ok! I’m going to work on my piano now
Or paint


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I was thinking of a way to improve my music player. Right now, values that turn the key colors on and off make the music a bit laggy since the program takes time to read it. So instead, I’ll assign a number value to each key and have the keyboard colors turn on when their note equals their value, and turn off when note does not equal their value. That way, the programming of turning keys on and off won’t influence the music as much. This will also make it easier to program. I will have to rewrite a lot of the foundation for the program, so I’ll wait until after I finish Imperial March to update it.

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