Interactive Music Ideas



After I look at that project, I’ll need to go. I have a final tomorrow so I need to finish studying for that. I’ll be around again at 3pmEST tomorrow, though.

Edit: hopefully the information about the measures is helpful for tonight. Tomorrow I can go into more detail about how the beats are translated into seconds.


@DECODECO I’m sorry, I have to go now. I tried searching for your username from your bio but I couldn’t find it. I’ll be back tomorrow and I can look at your project then.


I have featured, so you can find it there.


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Maybe 11PT?


That should work, I’ll try to be on then.


I’ll be on 10:45-11:15


Sorry I wasn’t able to make it then. I can work on typing out Ann explanation now and you can respond when you see it.


Notes are stored in custom blocks. If you make your own music program you might want to do something similar. Each custom note block plays the note and sets a value to turn the keyboard on. A later value turns the key color off.


The value (milliseconds) entered into the measure at the beginning is translated into beats. There is typically four beats in a measure. So one Beat = value / 4. One third Beat = value / 12.


Got it.


I’m on now


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@DECODECO I need to finish up a few more things and then I can be on for a few hours. Sorry that I haven’t been on consistently yet. Do you have any questions about my program or did my explanation help?


It’s fine. I just wanted to share some ideas on what songs to arrange.


@DECODECO Ok, I’m back now. Tag me when you are ready to share your ideas :smiley:


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Hiya @Jedi4Jesus it’s fun talking to you guys, especially about coding


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@DECODECO I’m looking up your Mario Tests sounds now


@DECODECO I finally found your account, I followed so I can find it again. I don’t see the Mario test sounds though, your ice cream project from the other day is the newest. What are you trying to have your Mario test sounds do?


Just wanted to make music. The whole screen is white. The way to trigger the music is by tilting and swiping. Not building on that, though (it’s not a test for something)