Interactive Music Ideas



Do you want to collab on music arrangements?


If you look at my code you can get an example of how I did mine. That’s a great idea though, I wonder is keys falling wouldn be more or less laggy.


If you would like to collab on it we can! I have to go right now, but in about 2 hours I can type more and share more ideas.


I have to go too.
I’ll also be back in about two hours, coincidently.

Note: YouTube is disabled for me, so… idk I might use the Apple TV for music/youtube


I’m keeping my word. Exactly two hours.


Hello! For music, I use sheet music. For the code, I have blocks that represent two octaves of notes. I also have blocks that represent beats in between the notes. The way I program my code is I read the note and place it (e.g. “C2”). Then I put the amount of beats (e.g. 1/2) in between the notes. Do you follow so far? I can edit in photos in a minute.

@DECODECO here is an example:

The purpose of the note Stop blocks is for the keys on the piano to turn off.


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Poor Rose is like Star Lord. They can’t get a break for being human. But back to music now. What do you think of Rose’s theme?


@DECODECO Do you know what measures, beats, etc. are in a song? I can show you how they are worked out in my program.


I saw your profile, @DECODECO, so I figure so.
The length of each measure in milliseconds is determined by a value.

The notes and beats are stored inside of Repeat X1 blocks. These repeat blocks represent each measure.


Yep. I had band class today. The only thing is the orchestra and their string symbols. I don’t know that.


Piano music shouldn’t be much different than what you do in band, it is typically straightforward.


The only thing holding us back is that we don’t know the length of the actual note by itself (without the wait)


I’m trying to learn bass clef


With reading the length of notes, having charts like these help (I still get them mixed up a lot):

I don’t know if it works

It’s WIP Mario sounds.
Swipe and tilt


It doesn’t work, sorry. Sometimes my browser is weird though.


I published and unpublished it.
Use the app and it might work


Dotted half and quarter rests just have a dot next to it


Wait brb