Interactive Music Ideas



I love music, and I was experimenting today with new ways to make music more interactive. My idea was to create piano that looked like could play itself. I set up the groundwork of a program and put blocks as “notes” and “beats” to make an excerpt of Rey’s Theme from Star Wars. For some reason the sound isn’t working in my web player but here it is:
If people would like to know more about how my project works, just comment and I can give more information. Eventually I hope to make the program have a tutorial, teach others how to easily program music, and have it be open source. But I have plenty of Hopscotch projects already. Until then, I have this experiment.

Edits: Other songs I have made:
Across The Stars:
The Imperial March:

@William04GamerA pointed out that @BuildASnowman made a similar program before as well:

Please share any ideas you have or have seen for ideas of making Hopscotch music more interactive! :slight_smile:


Casually tag @Kayro because the new profile pic made me choose Rey’s theme for the test


I’ll probably do that next. But I am a Jedi, like my father before me.


I really enjoyed that song! What other songs/projects do you plan on making next?


Thanks! I’d like to do a few more Star Wars songs since I can program them fairly simply now (I just have to drag what notes I want and how many beats are in between them.) I’d just need to find more sheet music. I have The Force Awakens piano book. I also am working on making a BB-8 character that has little lag (I hope to incorporate him with music at some point, figuring out ways for minimal lag). I also have my “Songwriter” project, and I am working on incorporating drums into it along with a piano.


The Emperor is dead. His final revenge destroyed many aspects of the Empire as punishment for their failure to protect his life. The Emperor turned against what he should have protected after the crushing defeat: the Empire.
Darth Vader should have taken over.

I should really try to do Battlefront 2 Music…


Really. No prequel vibes? That just shows how overpowered the sequels are, BLASTED RIDLEY!
Smart idea though.

Also if you were to do battlefront music what songs would you pick.

Also I challenge someone to do the TIE Fighter Attack music from A New Hope.


Maybe I could do Across the Stars later. I just had the piano music for Rey’s Theme on hand and had it memorized.
I’d want to do the Battlefront 2 Launch trailer music since it incorporates so many Star Wars themes. I’d need to work more on learning music from ear and transposing it into something that can fit on the little Hopscotch piano.
Tie Fighter Attack might be fun.


I agree with the BT music, it was amazing! Then the campaign was like, here take an hour out of ur day to play this while we multiplayer.
The attack is my favorite music.
Across the Stars is a bit romantic, it’s the music I played on my Valentine’s Day Date, (it was not the greatest date, all the conversations were one sided.)


Some estimates on how long it will take to code different songs:

Across the Stars: Sheet music I found had around 50 measures. It would take around two minutes to code each measure, so that would be around two hours to code completely. Either I spend a lot of time to code the thing, or I choose an excerpt of the song (like what I did with Rey’s theme) of about 15 measures to code in a half an hour. It would result in a song around 45 seconds long.

Imperial March: Sheet music I found had about 75 measures. Since this song is more complex and would need much tweaking to sound good on Hopscotch, it might be around 5 minutes per measure. That would be 6 hours to code completely. So I’d probably pick another excerpt for this of 15 measures, which would be a little over an hour to code, based on my estimates.

Battlefront 2 Launch Trailer: Many more estimates here. If the song is around 110 seconds long, and if each measure lasts 2 seconds, that would mean there are 55 measures. At 2 minutes to code each measure, that would be almost two hours. So I’d either simplify it or take an excerpt. I’d do this one last since I’d like to incorporate drums somehow, and I’d add code for that.

I still have to find music for Tie Fighter attack.


I love music, and I love the way you coded this! I think it is great how you made a piano basically play “itself”
I think this interactive music idea is groundbreaking for those who love to code music projects.

Great job, and I hope you code more songs in the near future!


Thanks! I’m working on figuring out ways to make the program more accessible to others, maybe I’ll get a subscription over the summer and do a photo tutorial.

@Kayro I did Across the Stars. Here it is:

@Petrichor Imperial March will be next


Sound worked for me in the Webplayer and the project did that too! This is a cool experiment and it would be even cooler if you could combine this with @BuildASnowman ´s MIDI hack (which @MR.GAM3R improved a little bit). Although, I can´t link to the topic as it is in the list of banned words somehow,


Found the project from inside the topic. Strange that feedbac* is filtered, it seems like something people would ask for a lot on the forum.

Edit: I hadn’t even seen that project before, I thought I had been the first to think of it. It’s really cool that it has been around before.


Me neither. I just meant that if you could use the MIDI hack together with this, imagine what you could make then. But that would be almost the same as the link you posted above.

And about feedbac* as a filtered word, every word starting with f and ending with k is filtered somehow. For example, @Fredric (with a k at the end) is a filtered word and also a forum profile. When the forum censored out those words instead of restring you to post your reply like it does now, you couldn’t technically tag that profile. Luckily, it’s just an alt.


@Petrichor Getting my piano music out to start working on The Imperial March. Porg required for music composition (jk)


ooh um you haven’t done Star Wars main theme yet?
At least I don’t think?
I’m playing it in band lol


I guess I haven’t thought about it yet :laughing:I can add that to my music to-do list


although music can be quite glitchy in hopscotch… :(


I think you should make it so that blocks fall from the sky (like in MIDI)
I’m actually kinda working on doing something like that