Interactive Movie Collab! Full



Does anyone want to collaborate on a movie project?
We can create a collab account and work on a movie that I have no idea what it’s going to be about.
So, we can also come up with an idea for it!
Maximum size of collab: four collaborators.


I’ll be happy to help,@tankt2016.


I’m ready,just tell when you are


I’m ready, @Aariv!
What should the movie be about?


Collab accounts are really not allowed there because of privacy and security concerns, so if you still want to collaborate, both of you must have HS accounts and I suggest that you both remix each other’s projects and add new features, for example:

  1. Tankt2016 makes the starting scene
  2. Aariv remixes tankt2016’s project and adds the first main scene and so on…

This may be lengthy and time consuming, unless you keep the collab account’s and pass.word secret and only the both of you know it!

Hope this helps!
~@ArtisticCoder <3


Great idea,@ArtisticCoder!:smiley:


Let’s see…what about hopscotch is in danger because of a powerful hacker,and it has to be saved?


And thanks @ArtisticCoder for the suggestion, we should probably do that!
Maybe the hacker could be Robo! And you know how sometimes there’s all these “are you a robot? select the pictures of beaches” on some things. One scene could have him saying “Oh come on, one of these again?” while he’s hacking.

And maybe we should find times where we’re both awake and on the forum.
I’m on at around 7:30 to 9 or 10:00 and sometimes in the afternoon, around 3:00. Eastern time.


I live in the Southern Hemisphere. I am active around 3:30pm.


In NZ time


Great idea,@tankt2016!


I would love to! It sounds like fun! The problem is, I don’t really like collab accounts… They never work and I have trouble logging back into my account when I’m finished with my part of the project.


Yeah! I can break Robo into different body parts in my photo editor and add a bit of code that would make it easy for us to animate him.


What time was it when you posted those posts, @Yusamac205 and @Aariv ? It was around 4:00 here.

You’re in, @Yusamac205 !
And I don’t have a gold membership or whatever it’s called on Hopscotch, so I can’t use images.
And great idea! If I remix it from you, I can edit those images.


I’m in the EST time zone. From what I understand, you are in the EST too. I am available most days at 3:00pm EST if that works for you. I am also available at 9:00am.


It was around 8:15am when said them


Okay, we are eight hours apart!
@Yusamac205, I’m on around that time too!
This will help to work together and be on at the same time.


K, cool. This should be fun!


Who should publish the project when we’re done with it?


IDK… I mean, I want too, but I am pretty sure you want to too.