Intentional? I think not. Shape size border problem (Closed)

Yeah ok this may be intentional

But it’s a tad bit annoying—at least to me.

So, what is this “bug”?

It occurs when you put an object at a point where it would go off the board with its size. The object—say a triangle—will only grow to touch the edge of the board. It should grow past it.
View this project, try looking the lowest text object “clone smaller than 3”’s size to 1000. It should be ginormous, but instead it only covers a small fraction of what it should. It’s better if you look at it, I dunno how to explain it well.
Project link:


I haven’t found a case where this impacts the experience of my projects yet (because I haven’t really had to put large objects close to the edge), but I can see why this is annoying.

I hope THT can at least consider looking at this.


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Umm. Actually 15 likes, and 3 replies

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still a problem I think

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Normal or beta editor?
I use normal and have never experienced this bug.


normal editor, set a triangle to size 300 position 0x 0y and it should occur

EDIT: this appears to be fixed I think

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Hmm it isnt closed?