(intentional?) Bug in the Forum: "newest" tab has disappeared



I've noticed that my "newest" tab has disappeared on the forum. It can be accessed through these steps:

  1. Type in http://forum.gethopscotch.com

  2. Add a "/newest" after what you type

  3. You've got it! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/new

This is a bug that needs squashing :ant:


It's not a bug. It's intentional.


Really? I thought it would help in getting people Regular, though


I still use it. I read most topics.


Lol, thanks


That's intentional, I'm pretty sure. Are you on mobile view?


Does it show up on desktop view?




Just click the three lines and click "newest."


It's disappeared for me, though


Does it appear when you click on the Hopscotch logo? :thinking:


There should be a tab called "Latest." They're the same thing, I believe. If I'm correct, on mobile view it used to be called "Newest," and "Latest" on desktop. Now they're both called "Latest."


The three gray lines? I see them


No. New only shows unread.


I see them too...


Newest shows all of the newly created topics that you haven't read
Latest is for topics which have new posts


I'm confused.. huh???
Oh, never mind. I see now


I was talking about Newest, not New. I still have New and Latest...


Do this: Click the three gray lines, click "new". Then you'll see the newly created topics in all categories.


Yeah, I see now
I forgot about that