Intense Dating Accounts?!



Continuing the discussion from Funky63 is now "TheOnlyWizard"?:


It's inna pro pro

So please don't post any screenshots here, guys while discussing


I'm curios to know who this "mason guy" is


I remixed Maddie's project, so we can further monitor their projects


Here is what I Think is happening, I'm not sure

This might sound weird, I'm trying to figure it out

Mason and Maddie used to be a couple or something, then Maddie liked Joe which then made Mason slap? I don't know


I wish this wasn't happening, it's not Good!


Maybe Mason likes Maddie and joe likes Maddie but Maddie likes joe? I have no idea and it's weird to talk about


Er... I'm gonna report and talk about it on my other acc


What is your other account?


Anonymous (with the question mark Unicode at the end, but discourse doesn't accept it)


@Liza can you remove these accounts in any way possible? Thanks!


@PopTart0219 they keep changing their name. At least you remixed one of her projects


Yeah, I thought it would be smart


She's offline. I guess I'll stalk her tomorrow :confused: because I don't have school


To all: to see these dating accounts, I remixed the girls "rainbow draw" to better watch her. To see what they are chatting about, go into the editor


I remixed it too :smiley:



one word:

but really this is all just bleeeh :confounded:


Um... maybe not stalk, but "keep track of" ?


Wait did you publish it?


It feels like I'm stalking though. Watching her every move without her knowing.... Yes.......yess