IntelligentMelon37/Melony's General Topic!


Hoi! I'm Enchy's sista! :DD
She taught me all about the forum and stuffs.

I'm ready! Ask me questions!


Hi! =D
I have no idea what to say cx


Hi! What's cx?
Idk much these days hah


Oh yeah Enchy asks when the drawing contest ends.
It's my turn on the iPad


I guess it's like XD?
I don't know, I just came up with it cx


It doesn't really have a due date :/
Just draw it and turn it in ASAP, and I'll use when I feel like it =D


She was wondering:

She said she drew this amazing drawing of a girl with a hair tied on the back of a body. XD

She asked when ur judging


I'm judging...
I don't know...
When I feel like enough people have entered =D




I told your sister we can be friends!!

I don't know if you told you yet or not!


Hello Melony! What are you working on HS right now?