Intellection74 and -Madi-'s Collab!


Hi @Intellection74! We can talk about our collab here!

(Ps. I have always wanted to work with you!)


Okay! Thank you so much!! I've always wanted to work with you, too!


Hmm what should we make?

Ideas here: (wiki edit)

Trail art ideas: a trail art :0 jk

Game ideas: a game :00 jk lol

Garden tycoon. :000 -Rawrbear


@Intellection74 Do you have any ideas of what to make? I can't think of anything! XD

I would also put this topic on watching :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool. You guys are great coders; you'll make a great project.


Nope, I currently don't have any ideas either. XD Okay, it's on watching now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Maltese thanks so much! You're a great coder, too. Any ideas?


I am always looking on for ideas for trail art and mini games! I text the gifs to myself. I will post some of the ones I have!


No, not at the moment. I can never think of any good ideas.


I'm invading this topic because three senpais have posted.


Ooh. I have a idea. :smiley:

Maybe make a memory card game? I saw this by Daniel Bennett on Dribble:

And was thinking it could be an animal themed card match? There could be trail art on the cards that you have to match by memory- when you tap the card it 'flips' over and shows the animal on the card and then you get to chose another card to 'flip' over. If they match the two cards disappear and if they don't match they just flip back over. What do you think? :thinking:


That would be awesome!


Woah this is an awesome idea!! I love the animals! I tried to make a memory card game a while ago but I could couldn't figure out how to make them start randomly. I'm sure we can figure it out!


@Intellection74, Should we make an account for our collab? What should we call it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi I am bored like really


Hm, maybe we should trade drafts so we don't accidentally lose progress or get hacked? Or maybe we could remix from the account? :thinking:


Why doesn't people include in there projects I think people thing I am a small ant that is supposed to be stepped that's how I feel


Ok, trading drafts sounds good!


I bet nobody read what I wrote


@Madi_Hopscotch_ could I talk to you for a sec on my general topic


I'm sorry you feel that way. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. :frowning:

You're welcome to give feedback on our project if you have any suggestions! Madi and I just want a small collab.