Instead of 😉 Use...,



Like in @Follow4LikesOfficial topic people are different since the 2 new leaders and a lot more WINKY faces so please do this poll
What other face

  • :smile:
  • :thumbsup:
  • :slight_smile:
  • :yum:
  • other(list below)


Don't flag this is for the wellbeing of the forum


I also use :sweat_smile:.


I think what @Follow4LikesOfficial meant only to use them if you need them.


How is it "For the well-being of the forum"?


+100000 points


But for like regulars, members and etc. we should use one other so the leaders feel like they have there own emoji


i as just gonna vote for the poll and it went away!


I use these: :smile::confused::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smiley::thinking::sweat_smile::thumbsup::flushed::confounded::disappointed::yum::rage::sob::frowning::scream::grin::smiling_imp::joy::worried::laughing::rolling_eyes::heart_eyes::persevere::blush::slight_smile::grimacing::cry::grinning:

They are my recently used so I guess these are the ones I use!


I don't really get what you mean by that, can you explain further?


Maybe :hushed:???? I don't know though!


Apparently I use



Devote please


Why is this off topic I said do not flag, why not go and flag @Follow4LikesOfficial topic it's the same


It is because this is annoying and will help


Because I am...
Go flag his why mine


My other option is :wink:


It doesn't help anything. Just your personal opinions.


That's rude


And that's ugh bye


How is that rude? I was just joking... Jeesh