Instant Backgrounds


Use super-zoomed emojis to create instant gradient or textured backgrounds!

No, that idea isn’t exclusively mine. Many Hopscotchers have created projects using this idea. However, there are seemingly infinite really cool options, but finding just the right size, angle, and position can be frustratingly difficult.

So I made this project to help you find the perfect background for your project!

The project has easy to use controls and you can pan around by dragging your finger. However, it’s easy to get “lost” when you’re super-zoomed. The best part of this tool is the icon in the lower left that shows you the emoji orientation and best of all, the crosshairs show exactly where you’re zoomed in at!

Notice the crosshairs that shows where you’re zoomed in

Of course the project has a bunch of built in examples too!
Here are some of them:

Just change the “BG Emoji” on the stage to any emoji. When you find a cool BG, screenshot or write down the size, angle, and position. Then code those values into your project! (for advanced projects, try coding the position and/or orientation to change to create an animated background!)

Shake the device to clear the screen for a clear view and shake again to get the controls back.

Remix or post the cool BGs you find here in this topic to share with the community!

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This is really awesome! :smiley:


Wow! This is awesome, I will definitely be using this in the future :DD


You definitely turned this simple idea into a really cool (and helpful) project


That’s awesome! Another amazing project, ma boi


My dreams have come true! Thanks to you!


@POMTL @OMTL Check this out. Trust me, it will be worth the tag.


This is so amazing! Awesome job!


Thanks, all. I’m glad you think it’s useful.

Make sure to share when you find some good BG settings. :smile:


Awesome project!!! I never really thought of putting super enlarged emojis as BGs!! Cool!


Wow! Great topic!!!


or u could take a picture of a nice background and use it lol


Sure, if you have the subscription. Most don’t. But, yeah, that would work just as well :grinning:


This is amazing! Definitely feature-worthy.




Wow, awesome! :grinning:


Great idea @ThinBuffalo! Now we won’t have to draw trails for backgrounds when creating projects!


wow great thanks bro


I know this is an old topic but here’s mine