InstaHOP is a new idea of mine!



I have an idea of an app about hopscotch screen shots on an app called InstaHOP just like Instagram except without any chatting and stuff but we could post recording of us playing the projects, and screenshots would that not be cool?


Um, yeah but some concerns are

  1. Hopscotch
    1. It would get off topic


That would be **awesome! **

#4 dad makes apps and I have xcode...I just might be able to code an app like that :slightly_smiling:


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Um but doesn't hopscotch get off topic or even worst does the forum get off topic?? But that's why we have the awesome community to say be on topic!:grinning:


Yes please a happy coder I follow you on hopscotch and that would be amazing or even better make it on the computer!


Do u like this idea?


@alish @liza what do you think?


This isn't related at all, but what a good screen recorder app for iPad? PS: Thats free


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Yes bit some parents do not let kids have the forum because they think they will chat!


Please read the first comment please AGAIN.. Lol


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I know, but for YouTube and stuff


Well then I don't know? We'll ostracized do all in the app there would be no chatting except comments follow likes and feutered


This could be the xcode idea I have been waiting for :slightly_smiling: I could also make it a website...


Well I have so I could help lol but you can start!! Thanks a happy coder your the best:blush::grinning:


That would be cool! Let's do a pro and con list:
(Write your thoughts!)


  • just would be AWESOME!
  • Could show more things
  • Give even more topics
  • Easier tutorials!
  • Super. Coolness.


  • Take a REALLY long time!
  • Could get to be really inappropriate
  • Internet safety would be less safe
  • It could get VERY off topic
  • What about the Hopscotchers who use school iPads and can't get apps on school iPads?
  • Some people aren't allowed to get apps.
  • Some parents don't want their kids to be doing social media. Like @TheGreatDetective1 had to leave Hopscotch because her parents thought it was social media and wasn't good for her.


Well said well said but if you think about the forum it has rules and with these rules bad stuff does not happen!