Inspire a Spark Art Club



Hi guys! This is SkydivingWalnut here! I am going to start an art club called the Inspire a Spark Art Club. To enter, go on hopscotch and draw the best portrait of anyone that you can (your common style) and title it #InspireASpark. Then, on the forum, fill out this form:

Are You Good at Art?:
Do You Draw A Lot on Your Account?:
Do You Like Art?:

I will accept you on Hopscotch if you earn a spot.

@OrangeScent1 @PolarPandaIce @XiaoMiaoMi @YsabelleChan @ILoveSmudgey @LotsaPizza

(Nominations Above)

There will be challenges that I will post as frequently as possible


K I'm in


Let's do this! Woohoo!:blush:


Can I join the club even if I'm not a nomination?


Why can't we do it on paper instead of Hopscotch?


Can I join even though I'm not a nomination


1) Maybe? You decide
2)yeah. A ton!!!
3) one of my favorite hobbies

Three examples


Of course you can! -SkydivingWalnut


You sure can! -SkydivingWalnut


yay XD. I already started the portrait


Urm, well I guess you can, sure! -SkydivingWalnut


I'll work on it tomorrow


I'll fill out the form now, then start working on my drawing
1. Um... Well, I think I'm pretty decent, but it's up to you!
2. Yeah, I take requests! You might have to scroll down a little ways, though, because I've been coding more lately.
3. Yassssss art is life :heartpulse::heartpulse:

  1. I guess, I'm really good at chibi but not anime
  2. Yep, I have a bunch of random pictures
  3. YES


Sure why not :slightly_smiling:


Ok, I drew it:


I drew it you can find it on Hopscotch; I named it correctly :wink:


Should I make a drawing pad?

  • Meh, whatever
  • Sure
  • Collab?
  • No!
  • Yes!





I'll fill out the form!

I think I'm good at art.
I draw a lot on my account.
I LOVE art!