Inspiration: Things we've seen with our own two eyes



One of my favorite sources of inspiration is the environment around me.

The other day, I was leaving Hopscotch HQ to go home, and I saw a trash truck across the street from our office. Just any 'ol trash truck—guys heaving huge, smelly trash bags into the truck. Except, someone had painted the truck:

I love the colors—they remind me of the colors of Hopscotch. The way they blend together is beautiful. The white background makes their brightness even clearer.

The best part? Whomever painted the truck wanted to make the normal (the gross?) more beautiful. There's no reason why our trash trucks shouldn't be pretty. Yessssssss.

Are there normal or boring things in your life that you've made more fun? How else can we beautify things that are generally neglected?

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So cool Liza! I also love making things around me prettier.

I have a story like that too. A place I visited used to be an abandoned lot where everyone threw their junk, but one artist turned it into a huge mosaic sculpture! He even grew a garden there. Now it's really beautiful and people even have weddings there!

I think we all just have to keep open minds and imagine what we want the world around us to look like. Then do something to make it look like that!


I agree! my google search project was based on Google Search (lol)


Cool! Sometimes I bring things to Hopscotch like that. Or I at least try!


Most of the time when I am outside in the summer on a hammock I like snapping some pictures of the wildlife and plants eventually I mixed them together and I actually won my town's art completion I decided hopscotch should also see my lovely photos so I started drawing them my picture might not have become a huge success but the pictures were pretty rad




That's cool!


This amazed me

The vibrant colours really are just so reminds me if a dream I had...


this topic is a work of art