Inspiration?! Please?



I need inspiration!! I want to actually code!! Ideas?


All featured projects deserve to be on featured. THT thinks they're awesome, funny, etc., so it's there! :slightly_smiling:

Just try your best. You'll get there very soon.


Everything is on featured for a Meaning this would upset some people!


( closes topic here)


Feautred means that THT liked it. It must've been really creative. :D Remember it doesn't have to be complex to be featured. If you have a project that totally deserves featured you can go to @asha's topic to nominate it. :D

Everyone has a chance of featured.


If you'd like to know what would be trend worthy, then focus on your best talent. Then bring it to your fullest potential. Something like that. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Okay! I'm super sorry. :pensive: I'm just jealous. I shall delete post. @BuildASnowman @Follow4LikesOfficial @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 please close this!!


Or, we could just change it to a topic for inspiration/ideas. It's better to not clog up the forum :wink:


Never mind!! Don't close!!


Why not? I so fake close it for you again
(Closes topic)


*Fake opens topic
What do you think you're best at, @GracefulIcing1? Games, shape art, text art, drawing art, physics, etc.


Hmmm... Could you possibly go to Lilac Blossoms old and my account right now to find out?! Because IDK... Possibly VioletButterflies.. U don't have to though!! laughs out loud




Sorry. I thought you wanted it closedown!


It's okay! I'm confusing at times


Code a pixel art of dos