So I really need help thinking of a feature worthy project. JK, I just want to make a really creative project. Any ideas? With be given credit. Thanks! Also, I'm needing to know when other people are planning to publish theirs so mine can actually get noticed. Jk.


Hmm.... Maybe you could make a really cool quiz? I'm great at quizzes, so if you need help, ask me. :wink:


Probably just help with organization and values. Just remix a project of ArtisticWolf, if you can.


If you want, you can check some code from some of my recent quizzes.


Go to OneAwesomeHopscotcher. Scroll down until you see her " LIGHT VS. DARK" background! Super cool! I put it on my background changer! I want that on featured.


Well, how about levels or mini games? And I'm about to have dessert in a few minutes, and did you see my post on what to do for Star Girl's Mini Games™? Let's call it SGMG.


I couldn't find it...


Do @oio's five element challenge if you need a creative project! :smile:


It's okay. It kinda way down.