Inside (A hopscotch story) by strongerthanyou



Hello @everyone! I am making a hopscotch story that is really cool, so check it out! I will be posting 3 chapters per week, so you will probably have to wait a few days for the next chapter! Comment if you want to be a person! Here we go!
Chapter 1
Stronger loved to wake up everyday and get on hopscotch. He also liked the forums, but today, he needed to do something important. So important, it would change his life forever.

Chapter 2
He went on his iPad and opened up the app. He made a project, that when you tapped the button, it would go crazy. He got a lot of likes. He was about to post it on the forums, when the screen went black. He was still inside the app,but his project turned into a "welcome to hopscotch inside" project. "What the heck is happening?" The world seemed to spin, and just like that, the screen went black.

Chapter 3
"Are you okay?" A nice, gentle voice told Stronger. "Where am I?" Stronger looked at the terrain. A nice boy was right in front of him. He looked older than him, German. "Who are you?" "I'm..."

Wait until next week to find out who this weird boy is!


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It's @KVJ isn't it?

Just guessing but he speaks german but idkkkk


Ugg. Cliff hangers annoy me! Good story though. Have you considered being a writer?

I am a writer


Oh BTW...Can you tag me when the next episode come out?


This is such a good story idea!!! Can I be in it? :3


That's a good story :D

I won't be in it though, sorry :)


999% KVJ
Margin of error: 899%


No not really alphabetical
Mai name is at da bottom


Yea! Sure! Fill ou da form though


Me, kvj, and zach will be main characters. The other people filling this out are minor.


My dad said he liked my story, so I guess.






I think ur this boy cause U speak german



It is most probably KVJ
I'm loving this!


So no one can believe I'm doing this!
Last time... stronger loved to get up everyday... change his life forever... "what the heck is happening?"... I'm...
Chapter 4:
"Im..." "AHHHHHHHHHH" The boy stopped silent in his tracks. They saw another boy fall through the sky. "Is this normal?" Stronger asked the older boy. "Yes." Stronger was surprised. "Now, who were you again?" "I'm... KomplettverrĂĽcktjunge. AKA @KVJ." Stronger fainted.

Chapter 5:
"Are you okay?" Kvj was right next to him, hoping for him to get up. "I'm fine." "Who are you then?" Kvj said. "I'm @Strongerthanyou." Now it was kvj's time to faint. "Kvj. Wake up." "I'm ok!"

Chapter 6:
"Hey! Can't I have some credit?" The boy who fell out was looking at him, like they did nothing. "My name is @Zachyswag. This time it was no one who fainted. But then Stronger asked a question. "Where are we?" "Inside Hopscotch." Stronger fainted again.

@kvj is here! These people guessed it right.

@Zachyswag I promise, the project will be in chapter 8 (next 3 chapters)


Wut :stuck_out_tongue:


You were the weird boy in chapter 3!