Insanity Collab



You read the title. Hi.

I decided to get a coding partner for the game I'm working on, Insanity. It'll kinda be like a two-person collab. I was going to go solo on it, but I thought having a partner can help with plot ideas, mechanics, etc.

-Been on Hopscotch for at least 5 months
-Majority of projects are original projects (not remixes)
-Been on forum for at least 2 months
-At least one project in Featured or Rising

So..yeah. If I pick you, I'll let you get the draft and we'll work on it! Thanks!


Do I count?, not having rising, but still, some good projects and knows howto do symmetry draw?, took forever, AKA half of a day! Plus origonal owner of fun remix of 4D4U (will create gif if I need to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can I be your coding partner? I meet the requirements.


I'll pick someone after school today :wink:


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@CreativeCoder, are you here yet?


Hi. I'm here now. I dunno who to pick...



BANANAS,@CreativeCoder, this is for you!
@Phase_Admin, @Intellection74 and @Stampys_fans, do not vote for your selves!
DO NOTVOTE FOR "I HAVE NO CLUE!", I am still winning.


I guess it is me! Wait, more voters. :wink:


Y u edit, person?!


Ok @everyone, plz vote


@Phase_Admin, did you really @ yourself? :laughing:




Yep, that is what do! It is just how roll. Rolls down onto bed.


@CreativeCoder, how many voters do you want?





Inviting people! If you were summoned VOTE! (plz? XD)


Those are some random people I just thought of so...

(P.S. if you were summoned, don't do "I HAVE NO CLUE!". That just doesn't help...)


I summon.........


I'd live to help you, even if I had to die! You're my life's! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! @creativecoder