[Input needed] New HS feature: Local Variable

That’s a super interesting idea. If I interpret correctly, I don’t think that’s a part of the roadmap yet, although this seems like more of an orange “trait” than a variable, but I’d still like to see that

I can only guess, but it doesn’t seem possible with what I know – you’d have to put the set text inside the math but again I am not entirely sure. @Yuanyuan?


I’m certainly not intending to argue, but just the explore the idea… I believe HS ‘traits’ are more akin to object properties, whereas what I’m suggesting is more like an argument that gets passed to an event handler (that are locally scoped to that procedure). Feels like that should be a local variable (even if it’s static) in the context of HS as it’s not associated to a stage object and it would be scoped to a specific rule or conditional container (I didn’t mention it before but the idea would also apply to the If conditional when used with a match operator).

Perhaps it’s semantics as either way users would get a super valuable reference to the message or regex match result. It’s neat that HS has implemented the message broadcasting and the match operator with regex capability, but the real exciting opportunities start when users can access the message and/or the match result as opposed to just the HS Player getting a boolean result that executes the rule or conditional code.


yes, yes, yes! Also @t1_hopscotch has written down some other forward-looking ideas about Hopscotch communication mechanisms and precedent.


I’m not involved in the development of anything, just drawing a parallel there – plus, I agree with a lot of what you said there!

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Hmmm been a bit since a post. It’s been released now