Innovative Projects!



As you may know, there are a lot of hopscotchers who do a bunch of different projects on hopscotch, but some make advanced, coding projects! (Ex: @Valgo, @MagmaPOP, @AHappyCoder) and I will try it too! I will now make projects with effort in them. My hopscotch username is SapFire if you want to see my first 2 innovative projects.

And if you care about "being popular" (I don't) then you should start making innovative projects because they get likes fast.

comment down if you have any innovative projects and/or if you plan to make innovative projects.



Nice idea! your "Tornado" project is awesome!


Yah! Totally make those! Seriously, they are awesome. I love to make innovative projects!!!


I need one more like to earn "nice topic" :slightly_smiling:


I got you a nice topic! And before u say thank you, your welcome. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: