Innovation in drawing pads 😄


There are so many cool drawing pads now it's really hard to spot a bad one


I'm trying to do shapes in my new one


What was the point of making this? Do you want tips? TemMiE Flakes? Instructions? Inspirations?



Umm I just wanted to see how people are innovating drawing pads but I could go for some temmie flakes.


James Strong's drawing pad, with the transparent bars, was an innovation.

I believe I was the first to add a clear guard to my drawing pad (added a "Are you sure you want to clear?" message before clearing), but if anyone did it before me, then I give credit to them as well.


Yeah, it is hard to spot a great drawing Pad. Drawing pads keep innovating everyday and we have to find the best one. I made an HSB Pixel Pad so you can go on that project if you want to do some pixel art.:slight_smile:


gives Tem flakes
I guess people think of the best idea they have.
Ahead of their time.
Innovation is a big word.
It makes my brain hurt.
But it's good to have a creative mind.
How about doing one that has NEVER BEEN THOUGHT OF.
That would be cool, right?


Oohh that sounds cool what's your HC account


Shivelight [Hetalian] (used to be Shivelight [XMM])


Yeh dat would be kewl... also could I have some medicine I think I'm sick from all this spinning


Oh, and @anonymous made an absolutely fantastic drawing pad that lets you play music (pre-made songs) while drawing! It's a 3-in-one: a piano, a music player, and an art pad!
That's innovation.
(anon how did you get it not to lag;; what is your secret)


Dats really Kewl......


Umm what's it called I'm saving it to my drafts


I don't have anything.
I don't know anything about the medical field.


Welp time to get mah aspirin


To the tem shop everybody


Here's the link:

(Delete the challenge text, obviously)

Also, this was during the time when HS didn't allow you to play music in the app. Now, it lets you play songs/external audio while in the app.
Still a very cool project, though!


Hey @XiaoMiaoMi could you try my pad I mean it's not perfect but I put work into it it's called Coderpad soo try it and tell me how you like it


MagmaPOP's Invisi Pad is a very innovative project where you can chose your own color through an HSB color wheel and sliders (there are many pads like this now, but MP made the very first one). CreationsOfaNoob's Coan Draw 2 pad is very innovative, too. It's similar to MagmaPOP's pad, but also has a key pad for typing in specific HSB values and slots for saving colors. COAN also has many very cool and creative drawing projects with different textures, like his "Paint with a Brush!" project.

@XiaoMiaoMi already mentioned this, but I like the 3-in-one drawing pad @Anonymous made with @SmileyAlyssa. It has great pre-set colors and I really like the songs you can listen to.


Wow that's cool it's like a Swiss army draw pad……idk