Information on my New OC!



You may or may not know about my OC Desha, who anybody can ask or dare by the way! Anyway, I have a new OC (hence the topic name :wink:) named Ashlynn, though everybody just calls her Ash. I was wondering if someone could code or draw her for me. Here is a description of her: Her hair is shoulder-length and cinder-colored and styled in thick layers. She also has silver tips and wears a sparkly silver hair clip (silver's her favorite color). She has dark skin and and brownish green eyes. She's also tall and skinny and wears glittery, trendy clothing. Expression can be anything. If anybody has questions on how she looks or is curious about her personality, feel free to ask away! Also, if anybody's going to code or draw her for me, please notify me of this. Thanks!
Bug OUT!


I can try to draw her for you if you want! Though I may or may not just draw head and shoulders considering I'm bad at drawing bodies and legs.


That's fine! Thanks! What's your Hopscotch username?


I'll post it here when it's done! My hopscotch username is LeesProbablyLying. It wasn't taken on the forum. :slight_smile:
Sorry it took so long for me to reply. My dad made us go watch him play golf.


Here you go! I hope I did it right! Anyways, here she is!

Sorry the drawing is a little blurry.
Hope you like it!


Not entirely what I had in mind but I still like it! :grinning:


I remember this OC! I still like her! Ash and Desha aren't my only OCs. There is also Destiny and Erin (two BFFS). There is also Ash's two best friends, but I forgot their names. :frowning:
I have a bunch of other OCs known as my Imaginary Enemies. Almost all of them came to me in dreams: Shadow, Reginia, Lumonity, Crocidilla, Scream, Miendo...I feel like I'm forgetting one of them. :thinking: