Information about "The Book of Hopscotchers"



So I made a project called The Book of Hopscotchers. I couldn't describe it well on the project because of tidiness and space, so I'll explain it here.

The Book of Hopscotchers (I'll abbreviate it BoH for now) is a project I'm working on, but I need your help. BoH is a book where it includes a Hopscotcher's username and information about them that they said they wanted included.

I hope I can get enough people to participate so we have a decent sized database sort of thing about Hopscotchers. This is so Hopscotchers can get acknowledged more, newer people can see how the community is, and more.

Eventually if enough people participate, we will have a book of Hopscotchers (like the name implies) showing the diverse community.

This might be a complete bust, but I hope not. I'm excited to see how this turns out.

You can fill out the form here to be included, if you want. Just include your username and a bit about yourself you want in it (no personal info!).

What do you think? Do you like the idea? Okay, that's all for now. Bye!

Why was the Geometry Dash video redone?

I think it's a really great idea! It's a nice way to share a bit about what you like doing or creating on Hopscotch and introduce yourself to other people :smiley:


I just did it! It's an amazing idea
Good luck with it! :smile:


@Lavendercupcake Thanks! I'll do the next version once I get a few more people


Great idea.
Can't wait for it to come out


And I also replied.
Please tell me if you saw it so I can delete the project.


@TromaxTheDestroyer I saved your entry as a draft so you can unpublish it if you want to


Just published version 3. This contains me, @Lavendercupcake, @TromaxTheDestroyer, and @AHappyCoder


I want to join! It's a great idea!


Thanks! I can add you in as soon as you say what you want on your section :wink:


What are the different sections?


Hey! There's not a theme all you need is your hopscotch name and a little bit about yourself (with no personal information)


Yeah! Like @Lavendercupcake said, I just need some info about you that you want on your page, with no personal information. I'm glad you like the idea :blush:

Sorry I couldn't get to you sooner, I was working on SQL :grin:


I really like animals especially wolves and foxes. I also like reading fantasy books(the darker kind like Percy Jackson) I also like Pusheen and Maegoma. I am 11 years old and I live in the United States. I have 1 brother. My favorite app is Hopscotch of course! My favorite avatar is either Cosmic Cody or Chillanna. I reaaly like the colors Aqua Pink and Green.


Can I join?
About me:
I am GetInspired:trident:,
Fav characters: cupcake and Mr. Mustache
Colors i like: mint green and peach
Fav books: Because of Mr. Terupt and The Candymakers
Favorite sport to play: dance
Best sports to watch: dance and football
Fav singer Taylor Swift
My best project: Frosting, Magic Snake Pick your Color 1.3, and Cupcake Draw(ish)


Just added @TheAquamarineWolf and @DanceMG in version 4. I did TheAquamarineW✿lf and GetInspired:trident: for the names. Tell me if you want/need it different! :wink:


Can I join @CreativeCoder I'm 81/2 years old and I'm starting third grade tomorrow


Is that all you want on you'd section? If not, you need to tell me what.


Hey! I just changed my hopscotch name to Inspire25Star. Can you update my name?


@CreativeCoder,can I join BoH?

Hopscotch Username: Phase Admin® (the ® is an emoji)
I love turtles, trains, coding, and Hopscotch.
I am 6th grade
I have a dream of being in The Hopscotch Team
That is all @CreativeCoder!