Info about the Promoter Badge?



There's a badge I saw that you can get by inviting someone. It's called the promoter badge. I sent an invite to someone and don't have the badge. Do I only get the badge when the requested player joins the forums?


Yeah that's probably right, once the person has actually joined then you'll get a badge for inviting them :smile:

I think it's so that people don't get the badge just by sending an invite to any random email so that they get the badge :smiley:


Ah okay thanks! I hope my friend joins so I can show her Hopscotch. :slightly_smiling:


How do you invite someone?


Hi I know @CutiesCuties found out about invites already but in case anyone else is wondering about invites, there's a post about it here.


I promoted @Rawrbear_Backup to the forum, and I still don't have the badge..?


Your backup account has to actually post something, I think...