Infinitely loading? Plus Hopscotch code bug



I have a project I made today in my drafts and it forever has a loading screen. I tried restarting Hopscotch twice, and it was still there. I went into the project and out twice, but still...
So I tried going into a different project and out. No loading screen for that project. And then I made a new project and went out. No loading screen there.
Why does this project always looks like:

But others similar that I open and create today don't? :/


Same thing happened to me 4 times today!


Try restarting your whole iPad @GysvANDRegulus.


This is probably a glitch, but like @LavenderLovinNerd said, try restarting your iPad.


Hmmm.. Maybe it's because you didn't save the draft or your wifi just isn't responding:3
Here's a like! :heart:
Btw nice pixel art! xD


It's still there...


Awkward @GysvANDRegulus. Email the Hopscotch Team at about it.


Have you tried double clicking the home button and refreshing HS?


That's how I restart HS, so yes.


Oh... I suggest emailing the HS team like @LavenderLovinNerd said, but let's just wait first, until it gets more serious. :heart:4u!


Maybe try deleting hopscotch and logging back in? Also I love that pixel art your working on :wink:


Hopscotch doesn't really save my drafts after the first time I've gone in the project...


Oh.. Do you know what draft is the loading one? Do you think it's the code?


Yes, and it might be...
But it's only an animated character with simple code, nothing else...


Oh wow. That's weird. Maybe it's your wifi connection?


My wifi has 4 full bars and isn't loading...


That's even weirder :0


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Contact THT and see if they can fix it (well duh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
(Bob the Builder warning: Can they fix it? Yes they can! :wink:)


You forgot refreshing ram
(hold down power button until the slidey thing pops up, then hold the home button until the home screen pops up)