Infini-draw 1.0



I'm new here, but I just want to show you my first project, infini-draw!
I's an experimental, but fun project!

It's quite original...
How would you rate it?

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Welcome! A tip for making these topics is to leave a link so people can see it!


Really cool! It's like oio's style!


Yeah, I think when I was looking at oio's likes, he liked it I think!


Hello welcome to the forum I love it and how do you do those polls? I liked it!


And I agree it's oio's type!


@yra this is basically the same project as @oio's Trippy Touch So not really original


He's new...
He doesn't know about @oio... Yet.


I know that! Mabbey he can search oio!


@crazygoat It's an exact copy of TrippyTouch though. He even did the talking thing at the top like @oio does!


yra=oio confirmed


@CreativeCoder lol x 1,000,000


I love it, @yra! I like the squares. Looks cool - even Trippy!
Keep exploring!


Awesome! I like @oio's style you put into this!

One thing:

It probably lags on all devices! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Doesn't oio do "something by ___" too? :laughing:


It does. That's either an intentional exact copy, a glitch in the remix, or just a really, really, big coincidence.


Yep, could you plz give link?, someone?


Can I hax a 'ink HITN20C?



How?, I don't evwn think hackingthe forum hax-s it?