Inequality in the forum-why can’t new users access certain topics?

Interesting indeed (first post)

And unequal indeed.

This is because not all users join with a good will.
Some might leak what others are coding
Some might misuse information in some topics
This isn’t inequality, this is security:)
That’s why trust levels exist, like basic, members and regulars


and the solution is simple: it’s ana and THT’s choice.


It is meant to be merged so people don’t spread unwanted information. It isn’t inequality if the forum is trying to keep you safe. This can hurt others to spread rumours about long gone arguments and make you feel prejudiced against them in any way,


They’re the ones who decided the forum to be this way, and probably have very good reasons to do so! They made the choice for a reason.

Think of it like the more active you are here, the more things you can get access to. It’s also that before you get access to more topics and you get more permissions, we know you’re a valid hs user!

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It’s not about inequality, it’s about the safety of the forum (I would assume).
New users can’t access all topics because, you guessed it, they’re new. Because of this, the moderators cannot determine if you will be a threat to the forum or not, so they limit the potential risk by limiting your access.
Now, in your case, this inconvenienced you because your topic was merged (for a good reason, by the way) into a topic you didn’t have access to. Your topic was unnecessary because the forum already has topics that cover the same subject, and while you couldn’t access them, others could and this clogs the forum. By a moderator merging your topic they are keeping the forum clean and helping others. So it’s kind of a sacrifice. But not a big one, because as you said, a couple of days later, you were able to access the topic.

This is definitely not unjustified inequality. It is an “evil” that is necessary to keep the forum safe and clean.

(I may be wrong about the reasons the mods have to merge topics, so correct me if I’m wrong)

What is the purpose of this?

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Okay, well if you want, you can delete it…


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Ack, I didn’t c it ): @TheCMStudios :clap:t4: :clap:t4:

Anyone clive it.

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Trust levels— based on how long you’ve been on the forum

The longer you stay here (and be active) the more trust you gain. The more trust you gain, the more things you can see.

You have to earn the trust of the people


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cliving on request!

have any other questions - this topic is a great place to ask! :sunglasses:

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