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Not exactly. I am replying like this since the other topic was locked. (I honestly don't think it shows be, @BuildASnowman).
Anyways, the trick I used to show you code is called indentation. You simply go ahead 4 spaces on a new line to Indent. When you have indented, any code that would change into a poll, or a gif, or whatever, that you have put on the line that is indented, will NOT turn into a poll, gif, or whatever. It also changes the font+puts grey-ish boxes around it. Hopefully this helps, @marshmallow3!


I locked the topic because it doesn't seem to be even remotely related to hopscotch. Try to keep this discussion about the forums and hopscotch too.
And I see people asking about this a lot - thanks for the tutorial!


@BuildASnowman it was a test


That's why it's called "Test! Please Try!"


No matter if he acknowledges the post is off topic it still is off topic. If I say "Even though this is off topic don't close it", that doesn't mean it can't be closed. I'll open the topic once again per your request, but it will only stay so if the conversation steers to being about Hopscotch or the forums.


@BuildASnowman it is about the forums. :expressionless:


Well, if I don't know how to bold something, that's related to the forum, and if someone were to show me, would that be off topic? (How do you do details?)


@KathrynJaneway here:

click here to find out
[details=click here to find out]
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