Incredible! A new hopscotch TV series!


So I'm making a tv series called Incredible. About these guys.... Who are really funny and do Wierd things... Here's a description and I need simple models of them using shapes. I will give credit.

Poppy: orange hair in piggy tails, fun-loving, going too far and getting into trouble with her creativity, full of enthusiasm and has random ideas, in 1st grade, and loves stuffed animals

Megan: blonde short hair, girly girl, thinks Poppy is annoying, Poppy's older sister, in Highschool, always seems to get involved with Poppy's incredible things she does (they always go wrong)

Jack: prank person, tries to mess up Poppy's things, black short hair, and is in 5th grade but has a crush on Megan

Some random people models... Just cause I need them

I also need a mom and a dad. Calling @SmilingSnowflakes. (Other peeps can help too)


Umm sorry I just need models... You can make the dad though! If you want.... It just has to be made of non trail.