Increased JSON files overloading within the whole app causing many bugs


Hello. I would like to direct this to the hopscotch team, (@Awesomeonion) (@Liza), (@Rodrigo) and also @Thinbuffalo.

We are all aware of the recent fix regarding a bug in projects where JSON keys or files were unnecessarily increased and caused bugs like slow editors, loads. Thanks to MR.GAM3R and Thinbuffalo for clearing this up with an auto-removal when you dismiss the project, however I have evidence that it is also effecting the app itself.

I have had hopscotch for 1 month (on this iPad Air 2) and it already contains 1.015 GB. This is a drastic increase, and rather concerning. Due to a huge increase, the cup is full and cannot hold anything more. My recent bug reports are all related to this phenomena.

My activity stopped working on this iPad. I can’t open projects on this iPad. Lots of code isn’t working on this iPad, like a looped set text displaying a ever growing value. I think hopscotch is automising a way to limit an increase in bytes, so lots has stopped working.

Every day I see many individual bug reports with hops’ projects not working, drafts keep loading, activity is buggy. Hops including myself complain about activity - intact it stopped 3 days ago. This disaster could be in relation to this. There is a current detour which is hopefully a sufficient method to control your app, which is deleting & reinstalling - but many hops wouldn’t know this. Doing this may just make it easier to manage individual bugs. I just deleted & redownloaded the app and now it’s on 65 MB. Projects open, Not laggy, activity works. But many hops may be experiencing this bug and don’t know the solution.

As of proof towards individual bugs being fixed:

I recently opened a topic saying that no projects would open for me.

Maybe not poor code but definitely a similar way to the previous bug

@Dylan329 was recently complaining about his hopscotch app having way to many GB (like 5.5 GB) and then:

(Referring to his activity)

When you are in hopscotch’s front menu (like featured or something) I was wondering if it was possible for an auto-clearance of the increased JSON files. Proceeding with such may be the solution to many bugs that are present, and could furthermore improve the quality of hopscotch and decrease the quantity of bugs reported on the forum.

So, JSON knowledgeables:
Has your activity stopped? And do you think if THT proceeded with the idea of cleaning out unnecessary JSON files when basic things are done on the app like a project published or opened - the increase in files could be removed (like in projects) giving a much better performance in the app?

And before I deleted and redownloaded the app it was slow glitchy and slow. Now it’s much better. So my point is that this process of auto-removal of JSON files can do all this and we don’t need to delete & redownload. Many hops wouldn’t even know how to get around this phenomena.

Just want to point out a bug with activity that it only refreshes when you delete & redownload the app.

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POLL what bugs should I fix?

How do you put this on global edit, I might have some false information as I have never opened a json file and I don’t know that this is all true.


I’m not sure if it’s the JSON files that are not being cleared, or some other app files. It would be interesting to look at the app’s files (not through iTunes File Sharing, but the files you can’t normally access. There are some macOS/Windows apps which allow you to do this, I believe “iExplorer” is one of them. Also jailbreak) to see what files are taking up the most space.

I’m not currently affected by this bug though (I frequently reinstall my app to fix a bug where you can’t open projects through a link in the app).


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True that. It would be rather complex looking through the app but many hops wouldn’t know that deleting & reinstalling the app improves this.


maby if some high profile hopscotcher or tht made a thing on it than people would known?


I doubt that project JSON files are a significant contributor an increase in app data unless you have a huge amount of projects with local data.

You do not want JSON files automatically removed. Saving the project data locally is the mechanism that allows you to work offline or with weak wifi/data signal. Automatic removal would likely result in scenarios of lost data and very unhappy Hops.

When you log out of an account on the app, it looks for project data that isn’t/can’t be sync’d with the server and asks if you want to upload or delete it. So apparently the app is already performing garbage collection for project data.

The 400MB I mentioned in the quote in the OP was not project JSON. I didn’t look into the data content, but I only had a few MB of project JSON at the time.


That’s odd. Because there are unnecessary files all over the place according to MR.GAM3R, and I think publishing projects has a huge contribution to these files - so when a project is published there entry added unnecessary files could be removed then?