Inconsistent trail art? Bug in Hopscotch or in my code?



I'm trying to code a trail art Groot. It's looking ok, but I try and fill it, every time it looks different. Here are pictures in case you don't understand:


I didn't change the code once. I don't know what is happening. Here is the code:


I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Is this a Hopscotch bug or am I doing something wrong?

And if you think of an easier way to code this, or feedback for the project, I'd love to know what it is.

Thank you!




I'm looking at it I'm sorry Trail art is my low spot I sometimes have the same problem too sorry :confused:


Instead of using "Set Angle" try to just expand the move forward amount.

Like this:

Draw a trail:
Move forward 5, Move forward -5
Change y by ___
Move forward 10, Move forward -10


Not sure if that's what you did already, but that's what I do.


Would that fix the problem or is it just another way to do what I did? I don't quite understand how that code would relate to my project.

Edit: It makes a square when I try that?


Sorry, that was an example you can use different numbers though. One sec let me recheck your code.


Okay, make your outline first, then use the method that I showed to fill.


Ohhh, I see. I'm sorry, I didn't understand. Let me try that.


Probably a timing issue.


Yah, most likely. Any ideas on how to fix it?


Use an FPS counter and calculate how many times you need to repeat wait 0 milliseconds.


Oh my goodness! That is pretty weird lol!


No need to tag Liza and Rodrigo. I am pretty sure it is just a problem with the code.


@TheGreenBanana, don't use a Repeat block, instead draw each straight line using a Move Forward and Set Angle block, like @MiNi said. It will make things a lot easier :)


It's the Wait blocks (indirectly) that are causing the inconsistency. The code in Text & Text2 is executing concurrently (at the same time) but also asynchronously (the timing varies). A project's execution speed will vary but the Waits in Text2 are independent of the execution speed so the two objects get out of sync.

Also, see this topic about a restart timing bug that also might be another complication for you.