Incognito Games


The Incognito Game is a game of seeing how good you are at hiding or finding.
The way it works:
There will be two groups of people, the Detectives and the Sneaks.
The Sneaks will create a different account if they are able, and post a screenshot of one part of a drawing/coding project. They will put their main username on the list of Sneaks to narrow down the possibilities for the Detectives.
The job of any Detectives will then be to find out and make a guess as to who the mysterious HSer is.




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That would be great :+1::slight_smile:


Wait so is it an alt account on the forum or app?

Also what do you mean jam?


Alt account on the forum
And jam was an autocorrect lol
Ive fixed it, its meant to say main username :slight_smile:


Move it to meata forum instead of random stuff.

New users can’t see it and if your gona make an alt it cant see the topic


This sounds cool! Also, you cannot unfortunately turn on Global Edit without being a Regular.


Reviving w/ an added rule! When any sneaks post their image, make sure to tag all detectives who put their name in the folder :slight_smile: (unless they specify they dont want to be tagged)






Wait can I still join?


Yah sure :slight_smile:


Okay is dere like a start time or do I just start wheneva (sneak)


Whenever u want! Whenever seems practical if ur a sneak to make it hardest to be found out eheheh :wink:




I will do it in 29 years jk