Incidents..and that. We all want it to stop ;-;



Hi! I'm posting on this account because I personally think a small person can make a big difference.

So, @Snowball is a public acoount that anyone can use. This is also a great mask to hide cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has a big effect on people's lives. Also, while the censor thingy is in place, I have seen that it isn't always effective. You could put a period and make the word pop out. That's not what the community was for! The community is to help people out and talk! Also, please do NOT use a public account; you could get banned! I've seen two accounts that are public before; @snowangel and @Snowball. I have never been on these accounts before. Just saying, PLEASE make it stop.

On to the mods. A while back @Liza made a post about changes in the forum that said that THT would be the only ones moderating. This is a bad thing. New topics flare up day to day, week to week, and THT really can't handle a mass of forumers by themselves. Some of the mods said that they were "leaving", but then they came back. Because of this, the forum was put into a dark age where people left day by day. It's still going on today. @Clowns was one of these people. Her friends her both in real life and on Hopscotch. Cyberbullying has a HUGE effect on people. We can't stop it alone. Everyone needs to collaborate because they won't go away on their own.

Are you in for it?

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Tbh the forum was in a dark age way before the leader thing so...
btw first and first and first XP


honestly not that much has come up in school yet, so I'm just reading everything


@snowangel is perfectly fine
It is moderated so nothing is happening

Trust me

And ur title says, " we all" which isn't true




Excuse me? Nearly all of the posts have been bad and have had to be edited out. No good use and has come out of it.


Excuse u? That was on snowball not snowangel

And I found that rude. Gonna have to flag next time


Nope, that was snowangel. Check the posts, you'll see "edited out because it was rude" on a bunch of them.

How was I rude? Please explain.


You mean @Fried-Chicken?


Fried chicken bukbukbukaaa