Inaproppriate Content


Hello and Goodmorning World! Except, not that much of a good morning for me. I've seen a LOT of people using my meme template for horrible things like swearing, chatting about personal content, and innapropriate things (lets just say 13+) I've made a project telling them to stop, I've reported a bunch of them, but it's not stopping! Hayyyyylp?



You should try emailing hopscotch about the inappropriate content stuff.


Like asking someone to the dance? I seen someone draw a bad word on a project TWICE


H ihasfluffy, how r u


You cant own hello and good morning and they shouldn't really be using it for personal things and other things like you said but. You can't stop people from swearing.


It's just super annoying, I know people don't change, but it's constant.


Yeah it can be annoying.


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It exposes you to pretty horrible things you shouldn't know until a long time


Good, and just asking, is "darn" a ok word to say in hopscotch? Just asking


Yes, I think so. It's not blocked! :wink:


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Hopscotch cannot gaurentee a safe community. The best thing to do in these situations is to report the project. If one person is doing it constantly, take a screenshot and email it to THT.


Well you shouldn't because that's cowboy talk


Probably mentally, nightmares to 6 year olds... It's not pretty ...


Or copy a link to it.