Inappropriate Religious Projects?


Guys. If you see a project like this:
Please report them they're very rude and racist.


Poo is okay @liza said so and this has nothing to do with religion!


And this
I find these really rude as a Muslim because even though there's a whole situation going on in the world with them doesn't mean that they are all the same.


Read the title. It says Allahu Akbar. And it has a naz.i symbol


The name of the project is religious, and it's saying that the religion it's about is Na-zi (a very bad people that killed others for no reason)


I made so not bad


Lol I'm Saratoga warnings


I also don't like the ones that say 'share if god is your light'
I mean im Christian, but I don't really think it should be used in HS


Spell chek hates you(:grinning:) not posed to sound mean)


That's a good message :relieved:


Why thank you


There just shouldn't be religious projects


It has the Swastik.a.... it's an insult and a curse to many people, including myself... :/
I'm going to report this project... >:/


I agree. No matter if it's 9/11 or WWll, we should all respect all cultures and religions.


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I never really liked religion on hopscotch

It could turn into a fight



ya, one time someone made a religous project, it turned into a fight :frowning:


Like is see some projects "like if you're a Christian" and that may offend some people


I might need to leave hopscotch.... My "friend" got in a fight about Donald Trump so we might need to delete but then I'll borrow my dads ipad


although I am Christian, I don't made projects like that. It is offensive to people who aren't Christian.