Inappropriate nicknames



There are few hopscotchers out there who have very inappropriate nicknames.For example, magma POP's a (bad word that means bottom), (b word)money,and MLG(d word)■■■■.should there be a name filther?


What you mean????????


I was a bit confused at first but I realised you mean that those are some usernames that have bad words in them.

There is a name filter but unfortunately some bad words get through so you should email the Hopscotch Team with screenshots of those profiles if you can. Thanks for reporting these.


Before, I thought that there wasn't a name filter, but now I know there is!
Ran out of hearts, so here's a :heart:


Yeah, I got "don't be a **** poptart


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It was... A female dog ;(


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Yeah I've seen that hopscotcher,I think he\she follows me.


I mean there are hopscotchers that have cuss words in there nickname.


Why is this showing up in latest?


Why is on latest, yeah?


You should tell @Liza or someone else from the hopscotch team, they might delete them, or tell them to change their username.


Please remove all these swear words.


What do you mean remove all the swear words?


This is very bad. These accounts should get deleted.


I think these accounts have been banned already so that's a relief.


I hope so... Just asking, were bad words actually at the top of this topic?


Nope, i considered them.