Inactivity Yesterday


So there was a crazy mishap with my iPad so I wasn't able to be on.
So someone took my iPad by accident. So I was stuck on paper and pencil (which was fine). However, when I got it back from the media center after school (that was the 3rd time I checked, with the 1st time being advisory (homeroom), the second one right after lunch) it was in Lost Mode from one of the tech people who put it on it from the previous times checking for my iPad there. So then they had to keep it overnight.

Then it turns out they had to wipe my iPad, but that was during school :slight_smile:


I'm glad you're back!
even though you were still at school lol


Thanks for letting us know!!


Got it :+1:


Yeah sry for not being on Wunderlist at night
(ps mods we go to the same school)


It's fine! I wasn't even on much. :P
(Ya mods we've met IRL)


Dis sucks…
…fir once I almost lost mai iPad


Oh okay!

Yeah one time some kid took my phone then I pushed him down and got my phone!

I am addicted to my phone!


He is okay!



if someone took my phone i would harness the power of john cena and then they would give me my phone back because john cena


In real life that doesn't work
Hate to break it to ya


yes it does i have done it before john cena power can do anything