Inactivity (something that really isn't relavent but eh..)

Title says most of it.
But yeah.

This is a topic saying that I need to get off this website. What is happening is that the forum is like…consuming my brain. Taking me away from reality.

Here are some reasons why:
Its addicting and distracting.
I cant go a day without being on here, and its a problem. I might do it during school and not hear, thats a bit concering. I could really fail.

(bad english)

I feel I am slipping in school.

Social Life too.


Its also on whats going on in my personal life.
During the past few days, I have felt really bad. It all related to schoolwork not finished, me taking a trip to Europe, and me being a pessimist. I dont know if I can pretend to be happy on the forum anymore. It kind of hurts.

and you have all seen this drawing


third, its just making me go on my electronics too much.

thank you for listening.


It's ok, this happens to a lot of people. You're right, school and IRL friends are so much more important than a children's website. You take as much time off as you need, we'll still be here. :D


Yeah I know how you feel

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alright bye
this sort of thing happens to me a lot

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Okay, bye. Have fun in reality, see you if I come on here any more. Good luck in school!

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Stop bye a couple times, k

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Bye ;-;

I took a break back in December for the exact same reason.

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Have fun on your break, dude. Stop by every now and then, k? The HSF will miss you a lot.

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Thank you guys!



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Nice drawings!

Come back in your own time​:slight_smile:


Yh mean amazing drawings.

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