Inactivity notice + BIG COMEBACK!



Hello. I have good news, and bad news. First I'll start with the bad news. Lately, I've been inactive. But don't worry, I'm NOT leaving. I'm gonna be inactive for the next few weeks (I've gotten back into minecraft action). You may have noticed, I hardly publish projects anymore. Well, after a few weeks, I'll make my BIG COMEBACK in HS starting with an escape the room game. As soon as I finish that game, I'll pop RIGHT back in the forum. After I make my comeback project, I'll start remaking some old ones.



I mean, I'm sorry you've been inactive but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Minecraft! Glad you're not leaving!

Oh, and, first post! YAH!!


Can't wait to see your new projects!


Glad to see another minecraft fan! I've decided on about 3 weeks.


Congrats I'm so glad!


I am excited! And yes, here is another big Minecraft fan.